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Exploring Laser Skin Tighening & its Benefits for a More Youthful Appearance

For dramatic results with both body and facial rejuvenation, skin tighening is the way to go. It minimizes the appearance of fine or intermediate wrinkles and loose skin effectively for a youthful more smooth appearance. In some cases, surgical correction like tummy tucks and facial lifts are the only option. However, many times, skin laxity is moderate or even mild, and the desired results can be achieved with a far less invasive procedure.

One such procedure is laser skin tightening which has gained popularity a lot these days. Unlike other skin enhancement treatments, it does not enter and intrude on your inner skin, but still provides fabulous results. This laser therapy treatment works by heating collagen with the laser, and tightening the skin. You do get immediate results, however, more treatments are recommended for better results. A qualified doctor will carry out the procedure. They first begin by examining your skin to determine the best route to take in therapy. One thing that truly makes this laser treatment so ideal is that there is no recovery period. Also, there is no painful and ugly incisions made on your face and no sun sensitivity after the procedure like with other treatments.

Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening

It suits virtually any skin type. This makes it preferable over other procedures like Thermage or Botox, where you do not get immediate results.

Although it is more effective for the face, laser skin tightening can also be used on other body parts. For instance, the arms, neck, abdomen and inner thighs can be worked on, which makes it more beneficial over other procedures and formulas. This procedure allows you to improve your skin texture and brightening up your skin tone which has a long-term effect.You get a small amount in the initial injection and after your injections will range from ten to hundreds. There is minimal pain and discomfort, which makes you more comfortable. In the end, cellulite is eliminated and the patient is satisfied with the results most of the time. It is an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery or all the other so called creams and formulas that have not been proven to work effectively.


1. This laser therapy does come with some risks, although very minimal. You might experience some mild side effects after the treatment like skin color changes, localized bruising, or skin sensitivity.

2. For people who have skin cancer lesions or are prone to herpes breakouts should discuss the risks with the doctor before getting treatment.

3. Women who are pregnant should not undergo this procedure.The benefits of this laser therapy outnumber the risks, which is why it is a favorite anti-aging procedure for many today.

You cannot stop the aging process; everyone will age eventually, however, you do have options to help you look and feel younger. Once you begin seeing sagging skin or fine lines and wrinkles, you might want to get a consultation with your doctor, and discuss if this skin tightening is the best option for you. For more information on this procedure along with other ways to make your appearance youthful looking, please contact us here at Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic AND SKINCARE CLINIC.

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