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Treatments for wrinkles

Many of us make resolutions at New Year’s to improve our lives for the coming year, and that includes improvements in appearance. For those of us who don’t like having wrinkles, that can include softening or removal of frown lines or crow’s feet. If you’re interested in having wrinkles removed or softened, check our some of the treatments and procedures we offer.


This procedure works like a microscopic sand blaster removing the outer layer of skin, forcing a new, fresh layer to develop on the outer surface. Dermabrasion works like a very small sand blaster and actually uses the power of a fine grit and force to remove the finest outer layer of skin cells.


Skin resurfacing can be done with either dermabrasion or with lasers. The procedures involving the use of lasers are similar to dermabrasion because the outer surface of the skin is removed and the removal encourages the body to produce fresh cells on the skin surface. Due to the personalized treatment plans we offer and different laser treatment options available, if you’re interested in laser resurfacing, talk to us so we can find the procedure that’s perfect for you.

Face lifts

Some face lifts look harsh and unnatural. We offer soft face lifts, though, so the results don’t look awkward or unsightly. Keep in mind that your appearance improvement is good for both you and our business so we have a vested interest in achieving results you want, like soft, natural face lifts to make you look your best.

Facials and peels

Facials can temporarily reduce wrinkles. While these tend to work better than simple moisturizers, they’re not as permanent as procedures like injections or dermabrasion. If you’re not sure about commitments to long-term solutions like laser treatment, dermabrasion, or injections, facials might be the best option for your wrinkle reduction.

Due to the fact that wrinkle-removing facials and peels require the use of alpha-hydroxy acids or glycolic acids, facials and peels that reduce wrinkles can often cause some peeling or redness. If you have concerns about downtime after wrinkle removal procedures, you might prefer injections to facials or peels.


Botox can relax muscles and, in some areas of the face where muscles are producing the wrinkles, like laugh lines (i.e. crow’s feet) around the eyes, or frown lines around the mouth or forehead, an injection series of Botox reduces or eliminates wrinkles. We also offer fillers that reduce wrinkles without the use of Botox.

Wrinkles are often taken as a sign of wisdom and maturity, but wisdom doesn’t have to be worn on the face. If you made New Year’s Resolutions to have wrinkles reduced or removed, contact us for assistance. We can help design a treatment plan that fits your needs.

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