Sagging skin

Reduce Sagging Skin with Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Removal Treatments

As your skin ages it begins to lose its ability to stretch and results in loose sagging and wrinkled skin. Sagging skin also appears when there has been a significant weight loss and also as a result of gravity over time. As we age we lose volume in our face from the loss of collagen and elastin and we are left with loose, sagging skin. Loose, sagging skin was once only treated by facelifts or surgery as there were no other options for wrinkled, aged skin.

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Loose sagging skin treatments today have improved so much that these sagging treatments do not need surgery but can be accomplished with non surgical methods. Sagging skin treatments include tightening by lasers in procedures known as laser toning and laser tightening. The lasers generally work by stimulating the production of collagen, that magic substance which allows our skin to remain taut and supple. Effects of the sagging skin laser treatments on the collagen layer continue long after the first treatment so you will see a gradual tightening over time.

Some of the newest treatments for sagging skin include Ulthera, Thermage CPT, laser treatments and collagen builders such as Sculptra and Radiesse. These collagen builders stimulate the production of collagen and increase the volume in your face to give you a younger, fresher appearance. Fillers such as Juvederm and its family including Voluma are also used to increase volume in the face and hence lift the skin. A combination of Botox and Juvederm can be combined to give a Softlift , a non surgical facelift that lasts upto 12- 18 months.

Cosmetic Treatments for Sagging Skin:

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