Considering Permanent Brazilian Hair Removal?

Spring is here and summer is on its way. This means it’s time to pull out those bikinis and head to the beach! And it also means annoying bikini-line maintenance.

Shaving and waxing this time of year is time-consuming, painful, and tedious. Shaving can leave red marks, bumps, and stubble, and shaving must be done often. Waxing is a painful and often expensive process that leaves you with nasty ingrown hairs. Yuck! If you’re tired of your bikini-line removal methods and want to find a permanent solution, laser brazilian hair removal may be your answer.

For many centuries Middle Eastern societies have promoted the removal of female body hair. These Middle Eastern countries consider hair removal proper hygiene thus hair removal necessitated by Middle Eastern customs. Though removal of body hair, including the pubic region, can be dated back to 4000 BC especially in the Eastern world, it was by 1945, when swimsuits became smaller, did bikini and Brazilian hair removal became popular among women in the Western world. Models today must wear narrow garments near their bikini area in all places in fashion and pubic hair removal ensures their glamorous wearability.

Waxing and shaving has been the most common way to remove this hair, but it’s time-consuming, painful, and expensive, often leaving unwanted side effects with every wax and shave. Brazillian laser hair removal treatment sessions last a short time, are less painful than waxing, and cut out all that time during the summer you spend shaving. There are some minor side effects to laser hair removal similar to the side effects of shaving and waxing, but these side effects are temporary and go away quickly. Once you’re finished with your treatments, you will no longer experience these effects and never have to worry about removing the hair again! Laser hair removal promotes smooth, hairless skin without a trace or evidence it had ever existed.

And if you’re accustomed to a specific design of the hair down there, your laser hair removal technician can easily remove only the hair you want removed. That means you don’t necessarily have to go for the full hair removal treatment. You can pick to leave a strip, a triangle, or any area of hair you wish. And removing all of the hair is just as easy. It’s completely your choice!

With summer coming, the perfect time to begin Brazilian and bikini-line laser hair removal is now! Don’t waste another summer shaving and waxing. Try permanent laser hair removal for the clean, hairless feeling all the time, all year round!

Contact us with any questions and for more information about our available treatments, facilities, and pricing and see if a permanent hair removal is the right solution to your summer hair removal problems. We cater to your needs and make sure you receive the highest quality of care.

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