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Colorescience® products in Canada

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We are a certified reseller of Colorescience® products in Canada. Our favourite Colorescience® products (sold at our Surrey, B.C. clinic, near Vancouver, in Canada) are the ones we almost always recommend after a procedure. These include SPF protectors, skin treatments, and makeup that you can wear safely when your skin is sensitive, post-treatment. That also makes them safe for everyday use!

Colorescience® also produces great, ‘healthy’ makeup alternatives to your foundation, eyeliner, mascara and other common cosmetics found in most makeup bags. These aren’t necessarily for sun protection (though some still have it). Instead, their benefit is that they are likely going to be better for your skin and health, given their ingredients, or lack of ingredients, compared to some other brands.

Why is Colorescience® mineral makeup so special? See the following articles on our blog for the answer!

The Colorescience® brand is an evolutionary one – it doesn’t stay static. This is to say that new products and formulas are being produced from time-to-time. Do check with us in case new items are released! Or better yet, be in-the-know by signing up for our e-newsletter!

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