Genital Wart Removal is easier than you think

Warts are a viral infection on your skin and can appear most anywhere. Typically they are found on the hands or feet but can be found most anywhere on the skin. Genital warts are a little different. These are caused by HPV, which is the Human Papilloma Virus and are considered a sexually transmitted disease since they are transferred to another person through sexual contact. The Human Papilloma Virus does not cause the warts you see on the hands, feet or other parts of the body not associated with the genitals or sometimes the mouth area.

The other difference is that the genital warts cannot be removed with over the counter products such as other warts. You must see a doctor and you must have them removed to prevent spreading to your partners. Unless they are entirely gone, they can be spread through sexual contact but fortunately there is help.

This is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world with approximately 5.5 million new cases reported in one country alone each year. Statistics show around 40 million people with genital warts and that again is in one single country. The statistics on getting genital warts are also quite staggering with nearly 2/3 of people who are in contact with someone who has them getting them as well. This is why it is so important to have them removed so you do not spread them to others.

At the Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skin Care Clinic we can safely remove genital warts and it doesn’t have to be embarrassing or painful. Wart removal with lasers is possible due to advances in medicine over the past few years and it only takes a session or two to complete the process. In fact, the laser used for this procedure is very tiny and precise, making it safe to use since it doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue or pose a health risk and it’s even safe for women who are pregnant. This type of genital wart removal is very common and has a high success rate.

In the past, other procedures were used such as cryosurgery, electrocauterization and surgical excision. While genital warts can return in some cases, this is true with any procedure. Laser surgery is simply cutting edge surgery that is faster and provides excellent results.

If you are considering this type of procedure, all you have to do is contact us and to book an appointment and to see if this is the procedure that is a good fit for you. We have been performing laser treatments for over ten years and can help you make a decision on what is best. We are honest with you and will educate you on everything you need to know before you get any procedure done.

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