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Ways to Remove a Tattoo

There are new procedures being developed every day for removing permanent tattoos. In this article we’ll cover some of the most common ways.  Continue reading to learn more about different ways you can remove your tattoo.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Professional Tattoo Removal
Consider laser surgery by a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Laser tattoo removal is one of the few methods of tattoo removal that does not involve cutting into the skin and instead uses pulses of light at a very high concentration to remove the tattoo.
Ask your dermatologist about dermabrasion. In this procedure, your skin will be sprayed with a numbing solution and then sanded down to reveal the unblemished layers of skin underneath the tattoo.
Talk to your doctor about surgery. If your tattoo is small, you may be able to actually remove it (and the skin) entirely.
Ask your doctor about cryosurgery and chemical peels. In cryosurgery, the tattoo is frozen and burned off with liquid nitrogen. Chemical peels are similar in that they are applied to the skin, causing it to blister, and subsequently peel off.
Choose a removal method that works for your specific tattoo. The effectiveness of any professional method is dependent on the abilities of the professional, your skin type and color, your tattoo, and your tattoo artist. Before you go into any procedure, it’s important to collect as much information as possible about the best removal option for your specific tattoo.
Research your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. They must be a licensed professional and have good references and referrals. If possible, ask your family doctor to refer you to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who specializes in tattoo removal. Source:  wikiHow

Do-It-Yourself Cream Removals
I have not personally tested any of the at-home cream removal methods I have seen advertised – even the ones that appear right here on this website. Honestly, I would not expect a whole lot from them. However, the Tattoo Removal Institute (which I am suspicious of being connected with Tat B Gone, but I can’t prove it yet) states that they have tested a few of these products, and found a couple of them to live up to their claims. According to their research, both TatBGone and Tattoo-OFF did show significant fading of the tattoos without any pain or damage to the skin. I am still very skeptical, but if you really need a tattoo removed and don’t have the money for surgery, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try one or both of these products. It’s not chump change, though a 2 month supply of Tat B Gone is $125, and it takes several months to get the desired results, according to the Tattoo Removal Institute. Source: Tattoo.About

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