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Fuller Shapely Lips

Do you wish your lips were fuller—and have you ever thought about getting them plumped? If so, you’re in good company. Many patients come to my office asking for lip enhancement. However, most of them also tell me they’re scared of looking obvious and over-filled. Here are some common questions about lip filler injections that I get asked every day, along with my answers:
My lips are thinner than they used to be. Why? As our metabolism changes over time, certain fat pads shrink. This is why our lips get thinner, butt and breasts get flatter, and cheeks get hollower. I tell patients that my goal is to give them back their 19 year old lips, not someone else’s. I also encourage them to bring in old photos.
Will I look natural? Yes, if you choose the right doctor. Lip enhancement is truly an art, and your results depend on the skill and experience of your doctor. I’ve been doing injectable fillers for 18 years, and it’s taken time to perfect my technique. It should be done carefully, slowly, and in stages, so it won’t look obvious, even to your family. Think about the most beautiful celebs who look like they haven’t had anything done but seem to be ageless. They’ve likely had some lip filler, done conservatively. The ones with stiff lips that look like sausages? They’ve had too much and in the wrong places. It’s like bad hair color: You only notice it when it’s done poorly. Done well, it looks natural.
Will it hurt? Juvederm Volbella and Restylane-L both contain lidocaine anesthetic. There is an initial pinprick, but most of my patients do not need additional anesthetic. Sometimes I do use numbing cream or dental nerve blocks, but these can cause swelling and make it more difficult to be precise. The treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and there may be slight swelling that lasts a few days, but most of my patients have little to no bruising and can resume normal activities, including wearing lip color, eating, and kissing, right away.

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