Red Spots

Treatments for Red Spots, Red Bumps & Red Skin

Red spots on the skin can appear anywhere on the body and there are a number of causes for red spots. Sometimes the site of the red spots can help in identifying the cause of the red spots. Although the red spots are likely to be harmless it is important to keep a close watch on the red spots and have them examined by a doctor, if necessary. The red spots, bumps or skin can be the result of a number of things and in most cases can be treated cosmetically.

Acne Marks – Acne marks can be red or brown in colour. These red spots are left by acne after healing and are generally flat and can fade over time. Laser treatments as well as skin creams will help in the recovery process.

Birthmarks – Birthmarks are pigmented spots which are visible immediately after birth or develop later. These red spots can be distinguished from other red spots since they develop mostly in early childhood. These red spots are also known as Haemangiomas. Haemangiomas can be large or small , raised or flat and can be treated by a variety of methods including pulse dye lasers for the flatter lesions.

Blood Spots– These red spots are blood spots that are formed under the skin but eventually appear on the surface of the skin. They are also known as petechiae. They can be as the result of a skin infection, blood thinning medications or other clotting disorders and should be monitored if they are more than temporary.

Pyogenic Granulomas– These appear as red spots on the skin as a result of blood vessels that have accumulated. They often appear as a result of injury to the skin.

Cherry Angiomas– Large, red spots on the skin may be cherry angiomas. These tend to run in families and can develop on any part of the body. They are not associated with any diseases and can be treated with lasers very quickly.

Dermatofibromas– Small red or brown bumps on the skin may be dermatofibromas which are formed as the result of fibroblast cells accumulating in one area. They tend to be found on the body as opposed to the face.

Rosacea– Red skin and red spots characterize this skin condition which affects many people. Rosacea tends to run in families and often appears as a “blush” on the skin. It causes embarrassment for people that suffer from this condition. There are many ways to reduce the red appearance of the skin from foods to skin treatments.

There are many treatments for red spots on the skin. Make your appointment at BC Laser and Skin Care Clinic in Surrey for your red spots and see how we can help you. Call 604 580 2464

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