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Pigmentation Treatments

Pigmentation treatments for dark spots, red spots and brown spots of skin are commonly requested. The pigmentation treatments help reduce or eliminate these spots of colour that can be seen as uneven and blotchy skin. There are various combination of pigmentation treatments that are used for these treating uneven skin tones.  We get requests for pigmentation treatments for:

  1. Reducing Freckles
  2. Removing Melasma on the face
  3. Age Spots
  4. Pigmentation  from Scars
  5. Pigmentation from Moles
  6. Brown spots
  7. Aging spots
  8. Senile lentigines
  9. Lentigos

We use  a combination of pigmentation treatments to treat uneven skin colour including:

  1. Skin Care (Cosmoceuticals) – We use medical strength cosmoceuticals, sometimes with prescription medications to help you even out skin colour. We use a combination of Prescribed Solutions, Zo, Swiss TEC and Alyria to give you the best possible combination of skin care.
  2. Prescription medications such as retinoids are sometimes used to aid in pigmentation treatments.
  3. Chemical Peels such as the VI Peel and others are used in conjunction with skin care to help reduce and remove pigmentation.
  4. Laser Treatments ( we have a multiple choices of wavelengths available to us) are often used for treating darker patches of skin when there is hyperpigmentation or other darker patches of skin that are not responsive to cosmoceuticals or skin peels. Laser skin treatments work well but may require 4 or more treatments to achieve a great result.  Treatments such as Fraxel, laser skin resurfacing are also used to treat pigment issues as well as a number of other lasers.

Lastly with all treatments the use of sunscreen is of prime importance in aiding in the treatment of pigmentation problems as well as in maintenance treatments.

At BC laser we have a choice of many lasers as well as a great deal of experience in treating pigmentation problems of the skin. Each person is different and responds differently to the many treatments available and we therefore recommend an assessment with our physician.

To start your pigmentation treatments at BC Laser and Skin Care Clinic in Surrey, near Vancouver, book your appointment by calling 604 580 2464.

We have a great deal of experience in treating darker skin types as well as lighter skin types that experience pigmentation problems and treat many darker skin types at out clinic with great success. These pigmentation problems may be as a result of hyperpigmentation or melasma.

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