You may be wondering what is Fraxel?

You may be asking what is fraxel since it is a new treatment that is being talked about everywhere. Fraxel is the science proven non-invasive therapy that will help slow down the aging process, allowing an individual to look as young as they feel. This laser therapy will not only help slow down the aging process, but also help reverse noticeable aging, delivering a patient a rejuvenated, natural look.

Fraxel will give a patient a natural youthful look without making them look overdone and unnatural.  Fraxel’s laser treatment will stimulate the skin’s natural collagen, helping to smooth out wrinkles and erase scarring. The lasers can effectively target the specific problem area; therefore results are targeted to only the appropriate area.

Fraxel offers treatments for multiple forms of aging as well as past skin damage. Fraxel is perfect for combating against fine lines and damage, a wonderful solution for reversing pesky crows feet. For patients who have dealt with acne and have scars resulting in it, this laser treatment is a perfect solution to erase embarrassing acne scars. For patients who once used to sunbathe, Fraxel can work at effectively helping to minimize past sun damage and spots.

Many women who have gone through pregnancy are prone to Melasma. This skin condition consists of sporadic patches of brown skin around the face. This condition can diminish any woman’s confidence in her appearance. Fraxel laser treatment will help effectively erase these irregular brown spots, giving women a spotless rejuvenated look and their confidence back.

This laser treatment is also used as a treatment against the precancerous skin condition, Actinic Keratosis. Fraxel lasers are used to treat areas affected with this condition that creates scaly unattractive lesions on the skin. Generally, this condition is seen in fair skinned individuals but can occur for any individual who is exposed to sunlight.

Since the treatment is non-invasive, there is practically no downtime required after a procedure, so patients can continue on normally with their lifestyle. Fraxel is perfect for patients who have tried every lotion and cream in the book, but are not seeing the desired anti- aging results they desire. Fraxel will effectively reverse the signs of aging without the required surgery.

Each treatment lasts no longer 45 minutes, so patients are able to continue on with their regular day after the procedure. Patients see best results between 1-5 treatments, depending on the specific problem area and patient. Results are usually visible 3 weeks after the treatment. Patients feel minimal discomfort during and post procedure; usually individuals may feel like they have sunburn following the procedure due to exposure to the laser’s light.

Fraxel is a ideal solution for candidates wanting to slow the aging process and erase past skin damage. The final results of the treatment leave patients looking and feeling fantastic.

Please contact us to learn more about the non-invasive light therapy, and to determine if Fraxel is the perfect treatment for you.

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