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Ways to Remove a Tattoo

There are new procedures being developed every day for removing permanent tattoos. In this article we’ll cover some of the most common ways.  Continue reading to learn more about different ways you can remove your tattoo. Professional Tattoo Removal – Consider laser surgery by a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Laser tattoo removal is one of […]

Tattoo Removal: What Outcomes to Expect and Newly Available Technology

Tattoo removal can be a complicated process when someone wants that tattooed name or graphic permanently removed from their body. Fortunately, laser treatments help in that process, even if it potentially takes some time. But will that change as new laser technology becomes available to make tattoo removal a quicker process? Make Sure it’s Safe […]

Tips on getting a new Tattoo

Most people do not think about removal of a tattoo when they are having a tattoo applied. Nevertheless, the statistics show that 80% of people with tattoos eventually regret having them put on. That means it would be smart to at least give a little thought to the possibility that you might not be totally […]

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