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What makes a good sunscreen? Here is how to decode them all

Face sunscreen is an absolute essential for any anti-aging routine. Of course, health-wise, any sunscreen is pertinent to avoid skin cancer throughout the whole body. Whatever your primary concern is for using it, don’t consider it optional. Everyone should be protected from the sun and UV rays – even when indoors, and on cloudy days. […]

Mineral Makeup: Beauty in the buff

Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about regarding Mineral Makeup?  Well wonder no more!  Mineral makeup is ultimately about the less-is-more philosophy when it comes to makeup.  It is a growing field within the cosmetics industry, and women are flocking to it in record numbers. There are a number of skin-related benefits to […]

Antioxidants: Protection from inside out for aging skin

Antioxidants are your body’s go-to defenders in the fight against aging skin. They team up against disease and counteract the effects of free radicals while combating the aging process. Here’s why I’m their biggest fan: THEY FIGHT AGING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. We can’t feel it when free radicals injure our cells, but when it […]

5 Tips for healthy skin this winter

As winter is upon us you have probably noticed that your skin is getting dryer. This is common. Your skin changes throughout the seasons of the year and it requires different care and treatment depending upon the season. So what should you be doing for winter skin? Glad you asked. With the cold of the […]

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