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3 Common Misconceptions about Migraines

Migraines, no matter how widely prevalent they are to people all over the world, are still surrounded by a cloud of myths. This makes it more difficult for sufferers to figure out that they are indeed suffering from a debilitating condition and must seek help immediately. Take a look at the following and see which myths you may have believed in before:

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It’s only a bad headache
Migraine is a genetic neurological disease characterized by episodes best called migraine attacks. The headache, when there is one, is just one symptom and isn’t always severe.  Migraine attacks can occur with no headache. In fact, for a diagnosis of migraine, there must be symptoms other than headache. Source: HealthCentral

If you don’t experience an aura, then it’s not migraine
You may have heard about an aura that precedes the onset of the headache in a migraine. It may be flashing spots, wavy lines, blurred vision, abnormal smells, ringing in the ears or a tingling “electric” sensation through the body that occurs minutes before the pain strikes. An aura is typical of a migraine. However, a migraine does not always present with an aura. In fact it is now classified as migraine with aura or a common migraine is known as a migraine without aura according to the International Headache Society categorization. Source: HealthHype

Eating healthier will rid you of them
While it is true that some foods are possible triggers for certain people, studies have shown that food is less of a trigger than once thought. It is now understood that migraine is a neurological disorder similar to epilepsy. More common triggers are weather or environmental changes such as thunderstorms, lightning, bright flashing lights, strong chemical smells, and loud noises. Sleep disruptions, dehydration, and changes in routine have also been implicated. A patient’s world can get very small while trying to identify and avoid triggers. When this happens, patients are often encouraged by family and friends to relax and “live a little” or accused of worrying too much about the next attack. It’s a difficult balancing act to avoid triggers and still maintain quality of life. It’s rarely as simple as just improving one’s diet. Source: Migraine

Don’t let such a serious condition hinder you from making the best out of your life. We can help you find relief from the pain caused by migraines. Find out more when you call us today!


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