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Debunking Common Myths about Wrinkles

We will all grow old, but that doesn’t mean that all of us will look old. Because some people look younger than their age, misconceptions about wrinkles started to arise. Find out the truth behind the most common myths below:

Photo by Mile Modic on Unsplash

Myth: Using a moisturizer eliminates the need for a wrinkle cream
Actually, not so. I am a huge proponent of using moisturizer every day; it has its own important qualities, but wrinkle reduction isn’t one of them. It’s what you put on before the moisturizer that really makes a difference. For prevention, finding a well-formulated product that has proven wrinkle-fighting and collagen-boosting properties is the way to go. If you’re struggling with wrinkles, you want to look for products with retinoic acid derivatives like retinol; antioxidants like vitamin C, resveratrol or green tea extracts; or alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid. Source: Livestrong

Myth: Oily skin prevents wrinkles
You think that if you suffered from acne, you should at least be granted a wrinkle-free face. The myth got started because of the thought that if you’re oilier, then your skin is more hydrated, keeping wrinkles at bay. But a recent study published in Clinical Anatomy found that skin oiliness has nothing to do with developing crow’s feet. These lines around your eyes happen no matter your skin type.

One upshot: you may have fewer forehead lines. Oily skin folks did have smoother skin in this region, likely because having more sebaceous glands is associated with a thicker dermis (the inner layer of skin), which helps prevent lines from deepening. Source: Prevention

Myth: Failing to apply creams using upward strokes will cause wrinkles
“You can’t rub wrinkles into your face,” Draelos said. “The skin is elastic, and when you stretch it, it bounces back.”

Even daily repetition won’t be enough to cause a wrinkle if it isn’t done in exactly the same way each time.

The only way to artificially create a wrinkle is stretching the skin for a prolonged period — like when you sleep. Source: ABCNews

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