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3 Facts about Freckles Most People Don’t Know

Freckles are interesting. Some people who have them want them removed, while some people who don’t have them even resort to drawing dots on their faces. Get to know more about what is also commonly known as angel kisses by reading the following:

Photo by Christopher Harris on Unsplash

There are two kinds of freckles
The more common of the two are ephelides, which are flat, light brown marks that tend to fluctuate with the seasons. “They can get darker in summer and lighter in the winter time,” explains Rachel Nazarian, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology. “In fact, people can see them fade even after applying sunscreen for several weeks.”

Then there are lentigines, AKA liver or age spots, where the skin contains even more melanocycte cells and thus, doesn’t typically change based on exposure to sunlight. Source: MarieClaire

It’s possible to lighten freckles
While some people like their freckles, others prefer to lighten them. There are several options available, including bleaching and fading creams, retinoids, cryosurgery, laser and pulsed-light therapy and chemical peels. Talk to your dermatologist about what might be right for you. Source: HealthCentral

They act as natural sunscreen
Freckles darken a person’s skin to protect them from harmful UV rays. That said, these freckles are no replacement for actual sunscreen.

In fact, many freckles may actually mean that your skin is very sensitive to sunlight. If your freckles tend to fluctuate based on how much you’re outside, that means you are at greater risk of getting skin cancer. If that’s you, you should apply SPF 30 sunscreen every day in order to protect your skin. Even if it’s overcast, you should apply sunscreen before leaving the house. Source: Urbo

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