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5 Things That Cause Your Dark Circles to Worsen

Pandas may look cute with their dark circles, but we both know that you can’t say the same if you were the one sporting the look. If your eyes already look tired and puffy, the following things may make it worse:

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Your period
If you have an especially heavy flow, you are losing iron during that time of the month. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which prevents oxygen from getting to your body’s tissues. The less oxygen your body is getting, the paler your skin will be, allowing those veins under the eyes to become more visible. (One thing leads to another!) Taking a multi-vitamin or iron supplement can help you avoid getting anemic when Aunt Flo comes to town. Source: Gurl

Inefficient makeup remover
If you have to rub your skin to pry off your liner, you’re causing inflammation and capillary damage. Wu recommends cleansing oils that “melt eye makeup with the least amount of rubbing and fewest lost lashes.” Source: Allure

Overdosing on prescription retinoid
 “Too-frequent application can leave you with red, flaky rings around your eyes that turn brownish or gray as they heal, especially in olive or darker skin tones,” warns Wu. Source: HuffingtonPost

Drinking or smoking too much
Excessive smoking makes your blood vessels appear more prominent, thus causing the dark circles. And of course, it is a no-brainer that smoking and consuming alcohol don’t do any wonders for your health. Also, try to avoid caffeinated drinks. Source: StyleCraze

Staring at your cellphone or computer screen all day
After using your cell for the entire day, your eyes become tired and distended. The more you squint, the more you increase the chance of crow’s feet, vertical lines by your brows and dark circles. Breaks from your phone are the best way to go, but considering some of you are cell phone-prone, also take advantage of the array of eye creams and serums on the market to treat your tired eyes. Source: StyleCraze

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