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3 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull

A busy schedule can lead to dull-looking skin. Now that the holiday season is finally over, you can take the time to tackle this problem. Look forward to brighter looking skin this year by avoiding the following:

It’s during sleep that our skin has an opportunity to renew and refresh itself. If you’ve had a few too many sleepless nights, the signs of fatigue may start to appear—and yes, a lack of radiance can be one of these signs. Source: Skincare

It does not matter that your dieting is perfect or that you follow or other measures to prevent dull complexion; as long as your emotions are not healthy, it will show. Stress causes the skin to grow old, dull and unhealthy. The first thing you should tackle therefore is stress before moving on to diet, exercise and sun exposure. Being around friends and family who can encourage you and provide support can go a long way in beating stress and depression. Source: ConsumerHealthDigest

On top of your own habits, it could be your environment that’s dulling down your skin with air pollutants and UV exposure, as either of those factors can wreak havoc on unprotected skin. Dr. Howe tacked on low humidity and harsh winds as environmental elements that could be causing you problems as well. If you live in a high-smog area, one way to counteract the effects of your environment is by getting some exercise. “Aerobic activity enhances circulation to skin, which helps in nutrient exchange and removal of toxins from our skin cells,” advises Dr. Palm, so add a stop at the gym to your routine and get ready to notice a big difference. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation procedures are highly effective ways to achieve a youthful look. Find out more information about them when you call us today!


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