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4 Body Fat Myths

Watching over your diet during the holiday season may be difficult, but it would be much harder if you believe in the following misconceptions:

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Myth: Lower body fat percentage is better
Not necessarily. Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to function properly (20 to 25 percent for women; 10 to 15 percent for men). Any leaner than that and you risk disrupting your cardiovascular, endocrine and central nervous systems—which is another reason you shouldn’t get so fixated on the numbers. Source: PureWow

Myth: Muscle turns to fat
Just not true. A group of muscle fibers can grow or shrink depending on the stress placed upon it. For instance, smaller biceps can become bigger biceps then become smaller bicep again. But when muscles atrophy (shrink), fat doesn’t take its place. Along the same lines, you can’t turn fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are two very different things and serve very different purposes in your body.  Diet, exercise and rest are the three biggest drivers in your body’s muscle/fat balance. Source: ChicagoNow

Myth: You need to avoid eating fat when trying to lose weight
For starters, you probably shouldn’t be trying to lose weight during training. If you have a few pounds to lose, do it ahead of time so you can fuel your body with enough calories to function and perform during intense training blocks. Source: OutsideOnline

Myth: You can target areas where you want to lose fat through exercise
Blasting fat from a specific area of the body — such as doing crunches to flatten your abs — isn’t a realistic way to trim down. The only way to reduce body fat in any part of the body is reduce it everywhere by losing weight and improving your overall fitness through changes in diet and an exercise regimen that includes regular cardiovascular workouts. Source: NextAvenue

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