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3 Reasons Why People Remove Their Tattoos

If you got a tattoo because of your special someone, and yet last Christmas, they gave your heart away, there’s nothing to do but move on. You’re not the only one regretting. Here are the top reasons why people opt for tattoo removal:

Image Source: Flickr

Artist’s error
Hayden Panettiere famously had “Live Without Regrets” tattooed on her side in Italian, but unfortunately the tattoo artist misspelled it. Oops! Like a champ, Panettiere kept it around for several years as a flag to her “no regrets” philosophy, but she recently had it removed. A tattoo artist error is a good reason to get a tattoo removed. Source: TheGloss

Moving on
Bad memories. Your tattoo no longer resonates with you—you’ve moved on, yet your tattoo has not. You feel as if the tattoo is a reminder of the past that never leaves. Source: VisionTimes

Sending the right message
By Melching’s estimate, “around 67 percent of people removing tattoos today are women in their thirties with children — and maybe they don’t want their kids to do the same things they did.”

“One of our clients graduated from college within the last ten years,” Smith notes. “She’s 32 now, and she lives in a younger neighborhood with other people who have families. She has a daughter who’s in preschool a couple of days a week, and she’s started focusing more on her personal life — looking at herself and thinking, ‘I don’t really want this on my body anymore.'”

Smith acknowledges that “a lot of businesses have become more accepting of employees with visible tattoos. But in some of the more white-collar businesses, they’re a little less accepting of tattoos that you can see.”

“That’s our young woman; she’s a perfect example of that,” Melching stresses. “She’s going back to school and wants to go into a different profession, where she’s afraid she’ll be judged.” Source: Westword

Thanks to technology, we’re now living in the “future.” You can easily have your tattoo removed. Find out how when you call us today!


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