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The Truth Behind Common Skincare Misconceptions

Did you know that a great number of skincare tips you’ve heard before are actually myths? Take a look at the following examples and see which ones you’ve believed in before.

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Myth: Using products from the same skincare line will deliver best results.
Reality: You don’t need to, says Bank: “Generally this is just clever marketing.” There are, however, certain ingredients that companies pepper throughout a certain line that are especially efficacious when used together. For example, you may find a blemish kit that contains an anti-acne cleanser with salicylic acid to help unclog pores and a gel treatment with glycolic acid to prevent future pimples. “If you’re trying to address a specific problem, like acne-prone skin or dark spots, this prepackaged approach may make it easier,” says Grossman. Source: RealSimple

Myth: Skin should feel tight and squeaky clean after you wash.
Windows should be squeaky clean, not skin! If skin feels tight after cleansing, it’s a sign that it has been stripped of vital water content, causing surface dead skin cell buildup. Bar soaps — even ones that say they are moisturizing —contain surfactants that leave skin tight, dry, and compromised, so it’s extremely important to use a gentle cleanser right for your skin type. I always suggest a sulfate-free, non-drying cleanser for a thorough and comfortable clean. Source: Refinery29

Myth: Age spots are inevitable as we get older
Age spots actually aren’t due to age. Though it’s more likely to have age spots at 40 than at 20, age spots are actually caused by years of exposure to UV light. Genetics also contribute to how susceptible a person is to age spots. True age spots are harmless. However, many women choose to lighten them for cosmetic reasons. Always use daily sun protection to help avoid age spots. Source: SheKnows

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