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4 More Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Despite being one of the most common rituals in our beauty routine, hair removal can be the trickiest processes to perfect. Check out the list below for 4 of the most common hair removal mistakes to avoid.

Image Source: Epilator Home

Shaving During a Hot Bath
Soaking in warm water make legs temporarily puff as well, so don’t shave then, either (plus, it adds nothing to the relaxation aspect of a bath). If you’re dead set on doing it in the tub, do it first thing: Waiting longer than ten minutes to shave will make your legs feel more stubbly than smooth. Source: Allure

Tanning Right Before/After Waxing
Exposing your skin to the sun up to 24 hours before and after waxing is a bad plan. If you tan before waxing you are making your skin more sensitive and thick, which could make you end up with a lousy wax. Tanning after waxing can lead to burns, irritation, and inflammation. Source: ThreadsBeautyBar

Skipping Shaving Cream
Shaving cream is specifically designed to hydrate your skin and to provide protection while shaving. Soap is designed to remove dirt from your skin. If you ever run out of shaving cream, use a nourishing conditioner instead. Source: MakeUpAndBeauty

Not Properly Exfoliating
For women who shave and wax, it’s essential to exfoliate before you take a wax strip or razor to the skin. Not properly exfoliating causes dead skin cells to build up and block hair follicles, which in turn makes it harder to ensure that all of the hair is coming out from under the skin. Essentially, the wax is pulling up dirt and debris that was sitting on the skin, instead of pulling out all of your unwanted hair. Not to mention, a lack of proper exfoliation also leads to ingrown hairs.

The Fix: For a smoother and cleaner wax or shave, exfoliate two to three days before a waxing appointment. Try using an exfoliating wash cloth for areas with body hair and your favorite facial exfoliator or face brush to slough the skin near the eyebrows before a wax. Source: Brit


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