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Top 5 Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Taming unwanted body hair is a never-ending chore, since it has to be done so often. However, we all make hair removal mistakes from time to time, and these mistakes can be unsightly and painful. Check out the list below for the top 5 hair removal mistakes to avoid:

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Not Exfoliating
All methods of hair removal can cause ingrown hairs, particularly in the beard, chest, and pubic area. You can reduce ingrown hairs by exfoliating your skin 2-3 times per week. Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells that trap the hair.

To exfoliate, gently massage your skin with a washcloth, loofah, or exfoliating scrub. (My favorite exfoliation tool is The Body Shop’s exfoliating body polisher.)

It’s best to exfoliate before you remove hair instead of after you do it. Exfoliating too soon after hair removal can irritate your skin. Source: FeminizationSecrets

Skipping Shaving Cream
This is a huge mistake that happens far too often. We may think that shaving with soap or just water will not be damaging to the skin and will yield similar results to shaving cream; but this is simply incorrect. Be prepared to deal with irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs if you choose this route. Shaving cream is specifically designed to hydrate your skin and to provide protection while shaving to avoid irritation. You have a much better chance at ending up with soft and smooth skin if you use shaving cream. Source: ThreadsBeautyBar

Shaving with Regular Soap
It’s better than shaving with nothing. But regular soap (not shaving soap) doesn’t provide enough slip or protection to skin creating breeding grounds for a less than close shave and razor burn. Also, because many soap in the shower are deodorant, it can be extremely drying when lathered up with a razor. Source: HairRemoval.About

Forgetting to Moisturize
Wiping down your skin post shave or wax is simply not enough — it’s important to follow a shave with a soothing solution to keep the surface soft and hydrated. Most products aim to lock in the moisture and leave you with a fresh scent, but choose wisely: aftershave with alcohol is actually very drying, and some moisturizers are more irritating than moisturizing.

Lotion or balm is usually the way to go, and steer clear of fragrance or other “helpful” additives that can effectively increase your risk of ingrown hair and pimples. Source: HealthLiving

Improper At-Home Waxing Techniques
When you get a wax at a salon, the process seems simple enough: spread wax, cover with fabric, rip. But if you attempt the deed at home, there is one key element to remember: Pull the skin taut in the opposite direction you’re ripping the strip. If you don’t, “you can end up with deep bruises,” says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. Source: Allure


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