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What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired. Concealers may help in covering them up, but it’s always better if you can tackle the root cause, right? So, here are the main causes of dark circles under the eyes:

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Pigmentation issues
Too much pigmentation in the skin under the eyes causes dark eye circles. The New York Times states that people with all skin tones can have dark circles, but they’re more problematic in those of African-American, southeast Asian and southern Italian descent. Exposure to the sun can make the problem worse, cautions the Mayo Clinic, as it encourages more melanin (pigment) production. Apply a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer under the eyes that includes sunscreen protection. Source: Livestrong

You’re not protecting your skin from the sun
You may think heading outside could brighten up your skin, but not if you let your delicate under eye area get too exposed. “Eyelid skin is the thinnest in the body, so sun damage shows up quickly in this area in the form of dilating and increased blood flow,” says Dr. Bank. “As a result, you can see a dark glow or color through the transparency of the skin.” Just another reason to wear SPF! Source: GoodHousekeeping

“When you’re stressed more blood is directed to your main organs leaving your face looking drained and pasty.” This makes dark circles appear more noticeable. “Stress can also cause the fragile capillaries around the eyes to break or leak blood. The blood spreads out under the skin (pools) and becomes oxidized forming a dark purple hue.” Source: Cosmopolitan

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