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4 Tips to Reduce Underarm Sweating

Armpit sweat is normal but it can be embarrassing. In this article, we’ll cover some tips on how to reduce underarm sweating, such as: hydrating, changing your diet, wearing materials that breathe and considering medical treatments.

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Below are 4 tips to reduce underarm sweating:

Drink plenty of water. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but drinking more water will only help. You should also avoid drinking ice cold beverages, because this will only act to increase your internal body temperature. The body is always working to maintain a constant body temperature so, when you drink cold water, the body will start to heat up to restore its normal temperature. Drink water that is room temperature or only slightly cooler. Source:  eHow

Changing your Diet
Have a big interview coming up? Skip the chicken vindaloo the night before. Garlic, onions, and curry all can come out through sweat, says Dee Anna Glaser, M.D., associate professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University. “We’re a hyperclean society — people take two and three showers a day, but still eat fast food and drink Diet Cokes,” Raffa says, and that affects the odor that comes out during a heavy sweating session. Source:  WomensHealthMag

Wearing Materials that Breathe
You can help combat sweat by taking stock of your closet. Your choice of clothing can either make you more comfortable or more prone to sweat. Clothing made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk or linen, often have a looser weave than synthetics; this results in a more breathable fabric that allows air to pass through to your skin. Plus, the fibers these fabrics are made from absorb moisture well, which prevents bacteria from feeding on your sweat and causing a stink.
In contrast, synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, rayon and polyester, are made with much tighter weaves that tend to trap heat and cause your body to sweat more. To make matters worse, the accumulated moisture doesn’t evaporate as easily when you wear synthetic fabrics. They create a greenhouse effect for your armpits, trapping heat and moisture against your skin [source: Dyce]. Source:  Health.HowStuffWorks

Considering Medical Treatments
– Iontophoresis: This involves soaking the hands or feet in a basin of water through which a mild electric current is passed. It requires frequent treatments, but it’s often effective at reducing sweating.
– Botulinum toxin type A (Botox): Injections of this anti-wrinkle drug turn off sweat glands of the underarms for months at a time. Botox is more than 90% effective as a hyperhidrosis medication. The injections can be painful, though, sometimes requiring local anesthesia.
– miraDry system: This device uses electromagentic energy to permanently eliminate underarm sweat glands. It is not approved for use on other areas of the body. Source:  WebMD

We hope that you’ll find these tips helpful as you search for the best way to manage your underarm sweating problem. For more information contact us now!


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