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3 Causes of Belly Fat

Are you frustrated with your belly fat? Even people with abs still have some belly fat.  It’s quite difficult to eliminate belly fat, so why not instead consider preventing it in the first place? Here are three common causes of belly fat:

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Taking in more calories than you can use
Besides eating ‘empty calories’ it’s also possible to consume too many calories for the lifestyle you lead.
The daily caloric intake for most people is between 1500 and 2500 and this depends on how active they are, their age, sex, and current weight.
You only want to consume as many calories as your body can use, otherwise the extra calories are all turned into fat and stored. Source: WeightLoss.AllWomensTalk

Sedentary lifestyles
The first cause of belly fat is the sedentary lifestyle, which is defined as a lifestyle in which a person fails to exercise regularly, or fails to get any exercise at all. The biggest problem with a sedentary lifestyle is that it can increase your chances of developing serious health conditions, which are all somewhat preventable. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are raising your chances of dying younger, yet you can easily avoid this by simply moving more and exercising regularly. A sedentary lifestyle commonly consists of the practice of sitting on the couch and watching too much TV. Such a lifestyle is not limited just to TV watching; a sedentary lifestyle also involves reading too much or using the computer too much. Basically, if you are not moving enough, it is sedentary. Source: FitDay

Not getting enough sleep—or sleeping too much
You just can’t win! Regularly getting 5 hours of sleep a night or less has been linked to an increase in belly fat, but so has getting 8 hours or more. “We still have a caveman’s physiology,” Andersen says. “If we’re sleep deprived, our metabolism will decrease to preserve energy, and we’ll eat things we know we shouldn’t.” The search for easy energy in the form of fries or a doughnut is a relic of primitive days, when our early ancestors literally didn’t know when they’d be able to eat next. That’s why their bodies stored those quick calories as fat, particularly around the middle, she explains.
Researchers aren’t exactly sure why those who slept a lot also put on extra belly fat, but it’s possible that more time in bed equals less time being active. Everyone’s sleep needs are different, but your sleep sweet spot is probably between 7 to 9 hours a night. Source: Prevention

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