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3 Myths about Varicose Veins

The gnarled, bulging, blue veins, commonly found on the legs are varicose veins. You may have heard about them before, and perhaps you have already started to see them on your legs or other parts of your body. For some people, these veins may just be a cosmetic concern, but unfortunately for others they cause pain or discomfort. There are a number of myths surrounding varicose veins, and we’ll be debunking some of those below:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Myth #1: Men are generally not at risk for developing varicose veins.
 Most men often think that varicose veins are problems that women suffer from, particularly when they are asked to wear compression stockings. Men tend to work through the pain and infrequently seek professional advice, thinking that their large bulging veins are no big deal. Unfortunately, varicose veins affects nearly 50% of men and the symptoms of veins disease, like discoloration, large bulging veins and skin ulcers, manifest regardless of gender. In fact, for men that have needed surgery as a result of a sports related injury, treating your varicose veins may very well increase the success of your recovery by delivering proper blood flow to the injured area. Source: ChicagoTribune

Myth #2: Veins should not be treated unless they are painful.
Aside from their unappealing physical appearance, varicose veins can produce symptoms including soreness, heaviness and stiffness in the legs. But there is no need to wait for these symptoms to develop to have the veins treated. With treatments that require no hospital admission, general anesthesia or lengthy recuperation periods, being proactive is easier than ever. Source: NYPost

Myth #3: Massage can cure varicose veins.
“Massage may help reduce swelling or discomfort, but will not make varicose veins go away,” says Dr. Bekeny. However, there are proven ways to treat them, especially when they’re causing symptoms, such as:
Swollen legs, ankles and feet
Muscle cramps, throbbing, soreness, or aching in the legs
Legs that feel “heavy”
Treatment options include sclerotherapy (injections) and laser therapy, both which can make veins disappear. Source: ClevelandClinic

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