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Thermage CPT on Stomach – Will It Help?

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I’ve had 2 kids (gained 50 pounds with both and lost the weight each time). I’m back to my weight, very thin, but have lost the elasticity in my skin on my abdomen. Attached is a picture. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old, no help and little money so the option of a tummy tuck is out for me for now. I found a place that is doing Thermage CPT for $900 any area and am going in in a few days to have it done.

Thermage CPT can tighten loose skin anywhere on the body. Thermage CPT is not a surgical treatment, but many people do not want surgery or the resulting scars, can’t afford it, or are not good surgical candidates. The results that you see depend on several factors: the condition of your skin, age, sun exposure history, smoking history and how the treatment is performed. Thermage CPTworks by tightening your collagen and stimulating the production of new collagen, so the better your skin is before treatment the better your results will be. During treatment, energy is put into the skin in individual “pulses” and the total amount of energy put into the area is important. If it is cheap chances are that some corners are being cut. If you do not have enough energy (enough “pulses”) you will not see much in the way of results. Based on your picture I think you could see a noticeable improvement if you had a treatment with enough energy. Be sure that you ask about the energy and pulses being given to you.

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