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Latisse: The new eyelash treatment!

It is rare that a product or procedure is introduced that opens up a new area of cosmetic enhancement, or redefines an old one. The introduction of collagen filler injections was one, as was the introduction of Botox. The use of lasers to resurface the skin and destroy blood vessels was also a paradigm changer. Now we have the introduction of Latisse, which reliably produces longer, thicker and darker eyelashes in the vast majority of people.
83% of American women use mascara, more than the 64% who use lipstick. The release of new mascaras with vibrating wands has boosted sales. Now, with the release of Latisse, there is a product that may make mascara obsolete for many, at a somewhat increased cost.Latisse is an offshoot of the drug Lumigan, made by Allergan. Lumigan is used as an eyedrop for the treatment of glaucoma. An unexplained side effect noted with Lumigan was the growth of longer eyelashes. Because the product had already passed safety tests for use in the eye, Allergan was able to obtain relatively rapid approval of the product for use on eyelashes. Side effects seen with Latisse have been irritation of the eyelid skin and eyes, and some apparently temporary brown discoloration of the skin near the eyelashes. When the product has been used as drops in the eyes, there has been, in a small percentage of people, a permanent darkening of the eye (iris) color.The eyelash growth takes two months to be noticeable and takes four months to reach maximum.
Latisse is not available in Canada yet. It may be released in the end of the year

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