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Neck Wrinkles

Do you have Neck Wrinkles, Decollete Wrinkles, a Sagging Neck, or Neck Lines?

Neck wrinkles are some of the most difficult wrinkles to deal with as the skin is a little bit leathery and more toughened up due to exposed clothing and the weather aging. Once neck wrinkles appear they tend to get worse as time goes on.

There are two types of neck wrinkles. They are horizontal neck wrinkles and vertical neck wrinkles. The more common of these type of wrinkles are horizontal neck wrinkles.

HORIZONTAL NECK WRINKLES develop as a result of the skin losing its collagen and elastin in the aging process. Without collagen and elastin the neck skin is unable to return to its normal position after being stretched and neck wrinkles develop. Excessive exposure to cold and heat makes neck wrinkles worse and it is an area that most people neglect as far as protection with sunscreen or even skin care.

VERTICAL NECK WRINKLES generally are not as a result of the aging process or gravity but more to do with excessive sun exposure which dries out the skin as well as burning or tanning an secondly vertical neck wrinkles also develop in people who tend not to move whilst sleeping.

BC Laser and Skin Care clinic provides treatments for neck wrinkles from our Surrey clinic. To book your appointment for neck wrinkles call 604 580 2464.

Treatments for neck wrinkles include all treatments that are suitable for the face such as Botox Cosmetic, Chemical Peels, Laser Peels, Fraxel, Thermage CPT, Ulthera and skin Tightening. The most important treatment for neck wrinkles for prevention is to use skin care creams with a sunscreen on your whole neck area as well as your face. It is an often neglected area but one that shows your age very quickly.

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