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Can various Hylauronic Acid Fillers be mixed?

Sensual lips. Français : Les lèvres d'une femm...

Sensual lips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, all hyaluronics are compatible with each other and we often will use two different kinds in the same visit.  Each one has its own special characteristics and a particular value called the G’(G prime).  This refers to the cohesiveness and viscosisty of the product.  The higher the G’, the thicker, more viscous the products and the more it stays in place and volumizes.  High G’ products are for deeper filling and volumizing areas.  Lower G’ products fill well and are softer and more flowing, thus better in lips and fine lines.  Juvederm Refine or Ultra is a good example of this as is the new product Belotero which is meant to flow into superficial fine lines and lift those fine perioral lines, crows feet and sleep lines.

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