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Microcannulas for injectable fillers

Micro-cannulas are a blunt-tipped injection tool for dermal fillers.  Needles have long been used for injection of fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane.  In some situations, such as injecting superficially in the dermis for fine wrinkles, needles are the best tool for the job.  When injecting in deeper planes, however, such as for volume filling in the cheeks or for plumping the lips, microcannulas have advantages over needles.  These include less chance of bruising, less discomfort and more control over the depth of injection of the filler.  Take a look at the diagram below.  Note how the microcannula is more flexible than regular needles also.

Syringe or Injection

Syringe or Injection

Although most situations will still call for needles rather than microcannulas, there will be occasions when microcannulas may be preferred.  In these cases, your clinician at Celebrity Laser Spa will suggest the use of this device.  Contact us to schedule your free consultation!

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